Red Tape

by Red Tape

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Red Tape is a punk band from Amesbury, Massachusetts. Download the record and check us out on Facebook for upcoming shows and whatnot.



released September 22, 2012

Jake Martin - Guitar/Vox
James Sheridan - Bass/Vox
Nathaniel Peirce - Drums

Produced by Nathaniel Peirce



all rights reserved
Track Name: Fucked Up
I’m stuck, can’t say a word
I’m tied in my chair
Bugs crawling underneath my skin
Playdough pushing through the roots of my hair
I’m fucked up
I’m through
I’m fucked up
What did I do?
Heart’s beating off the clock
Never felt such an unrest
At the same time I wanna shut off
Tune out, forget this fucking mess
I’m fucked up
I’m through
I’m fucked up
What did I do?
Track Name: Tear Down The Walls
Fuck the banners on the boards
Fuck jocks, and fuck the whores
Rally your fucking anger
Tear down the walls!
Tear down the walls!
Fuck Flynn and all she’s done
Nazi command
The product of a bastard son
And his fucking hand
Tear down the walls!
Track Name: My Escape
Every day is the same
Melting the colors out of my brain
Gotta cheat the rules of the game
I’m gonna go fucking insane!
It’s my escape!
Heavy sweating bodies crashing
destructive minds
We’ll all die before we run out of natural time
It’s a reflection of the death that we always see
Fucking fighting in the magazines and TV
It’s my escape!
Track Name: Hypocrisy
You’ve been lying this entire time
You’re just as bad as the political swine
You show your support through media posts
But when push comes to shove
you’re just a fucking joke
Don’t need your hypocrisy
You’re all for gay equality
But you’ve been beating
on the gay kids since elementary
You give anti-racist groups your support
Until someone of a different race
moves in next door
Don’t need your hypocrisy
Liberals and conservatives,
you’re all the fucking same
Half-heartedly back issues,
you play the fucking game
You wear your suit and tie, play the fucking part
It’s not about the sides, it’s about what’s in your heart
Send a dollar for Africa,
and you’ve done yourself good
Collecting cans from your
rich suburban neighborhood
While you discuss the world
with peers over coffee and tea
The oppressed are being raped by society
Track Name: Nowhere Town
Been living here since ‘95
How the fuck am I still alive
Trashy ranches and old folks homes
Punks in the sticks are all alone
And we’re all trapped inside a cell
Carriage town is living hell
We’re dying out, how the fuck are we still around?
Living in a bum fuck nowhere town
Punks and skins and anarchists
In this town we don’t exist
We’re overrun by rednecks
And townies practicing incest
Track Name: Shitcoms
It’s always on my TV
Dead people laughing at me
Recycling the American dream
Broadcast it to families
I’m tired of shitcoms
News channels and reality tv
What the fuck am I supposed to do
When life is better behind the screen?
My generation
Fucked up from apathy
Atmospheric segregation
Live your life in front of the screen
Introducing the newest product
Coming to you from behind the screen
Now cheesy family moments
Can become reality
Studio laughter will fill your ears
Remove pain, remove the tears
Turn your life into a TV show
Until it’s cancelled and you’re all alone
Track Name: Cicada Killer
Fat creatures of suburban dust
Digging holes in the grime and rust
They’re always in the weeds
Pulling the buzzing from the trees
Cicada, Cicada killer!
They fly into the screens
Rip up, tear up all the green
Grass monsters, they’re fucking large
They’re always in my yard
Track Name: Control
Fuck barriers
Fuck bouncers
Fuck detail police
The control of self-expression
is sickening to me
We get thrown out of shows
For the patches on our vests
Profiling the kids
And herding the rest
They’ll stop all the dancing
Make the radicals all bleed
They’ll make the band salute and sing
My country, ‘tis of thee
We found refuge from beatings in our community
I won’t let the state open the doors and take it from me
It’s time to step up
Remember what is yours
When police take control, it’s time to start a war
Track Name: Blocked Out
We’re all alive, but only technically
Fucking running mice for society
We all destroy ourselves to create it for them
Maybe the luxury will trickle down, but when?
We’re blocked out
My teachers told me never to disobey
So I will never get in authority’s way
The cops will beat me up
my rights will be raped
Fuck right I’m never gonna fucking heed what they say
We’re blocked out
Track Name: Stuck Like Glue
Anger’s on my breath
My cracked teeth ache
Pressure’s always on me
I’m always awake
My bones are shaking
I can feel my body quaking
I can feel myself on the edge
My skull is breaking
One of these days I’ll teach them all
The flat-brimmed motherfuckers in the halls
I hate all religions, there is no god
Fuck your ideas, everyone is wrong
Even me, I don’t know shit
I’m a walking contradiction and a fucking hypocrite
I don’t understand why we do what we do
Want to escape from this world but I’m stuck like glue
I’m stuck like glue in a world of shit
I’m just another face, a tiny part of it
I hate self-pity but I feel so bad
I love it when my peers call me a fag
I need the attention to keep me from releasing
I can feel the steam level inside of me increasing
The anger in my chest rises like puke
I can feel a broth bubbling, raging stew
The world is so fucked up and I’m tired of seeing
Instances of era, injustice repeating
Track Name: Up Yah Bucket!
Your perfect life consists of
a three story home
jump in the pool with a wedding dress on
Without possessions you’re all alone!
You show it off, I say fuck it!
You can shove it up yah bucket!
You keep gloating over the subject
You can shove it up yah bucket!
Bullshit froths from your mouth
As you spout the newest fads
Talk about the lazy lower class
While all you do is sit on your ass
You show it off, I say fuck it!
You can shove it up yah bucket!
You keep gloating over the subject
You can shove it up yah bucket!
Sitting cozily in your master bedroom
Snorting coke and watching TV
Laugh at the tragedies
You’re so above society
Up Yah Bucket!